Director’s Note

We often go through difficult time in our life,sometimes we reach the most critical moment where you feel like you want to give up and you have no chance anymore.That’s the moment you need to push on and don’t give up because there is always a solution to everything in life.I started to write the story after seing a friend struggling with his marriage and with financial problems.He had no job for months and his wife divorce him.His situation was getting worst day by day with banks calling him and he did’nt had any solution.His friends left him exactly when he needed them.His life was a chaos.He thought the only option was for him to commit suicide.But no.Commiting suicide is not the solution to problems.I personally think that if you believe in yourself and have ambition to become someone or achieve something in your life you must make a sacrifice and push yourself forward because you can make it.It all depends on you.Not on anyone else but you.The only person that can stop you from becoming what you want is…YOU.


Alex didn’t liked himself anymore.He felt so much pressure from everyone.He felt everyone was against him.His problems were deepening day by day.He did’nt expect to see his wife Jane leaving him and that was a total shock for him when she left the paper on the table.He was disoriented and tried to relay on the support of his friends but they left him also.I really encourage all of you to stand up and fight because in life there is always a moment that can change your life.A moment that can get your life back.A moment that can change everything.That moment you will see how much power you have within yourself.How much you can change in life you have no idea until you face difficult time.That moment came to Alex in the last moments of his life.But there is always a solution to everything in life remember! Just like Alex’s story.


I invite all of you to watch such a real life story. A story that can change you.

Robert Cristian Trif – Writer,Director,Producer -Before Suicide


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